our dogs

Among my thoughts, when I can’t have sleep at night. Thoughts about stories with “beautiful princes” and fairy tales, Christmas movies on Netflix, or why not “Metflix” as a buddy likes to say, still waiting for Christmas. I decided to start writing, with everything I had in my mind. I had a tornado of thoughts, some of them great, some of them pending, good thoughts, bad thoughts and all of them were mine. How could I stop thinking? I was so happy but didn’t know why. And then, all of a sudden I felt worried. But now I knew why, how could I not know when everythere it was snowing and here snow was rain.

Oh my God what problems I had in the middle of the night. My fluffy friends were sleeping, no worries for them about the next day. Sometimes I wonder how would it be to be a fluffy dog.

Our fluffy friends

So, who are my ‘fluffy friends’? They are wonderful beings that give only love, they are white and fluffy and yes, they are not only in my thoughts. They are Ami and Fluffy and they make our universe complete. They appeared in our lives exactly when we needed them. Ami appeared after our wedding and Fluffy right after 4 years.


Maybe you will think that we are crazy, that we make our dogs in every possible way, but we love them a lot because we are a united family.


‘Our fluffy friends’ are a Maltese Bichon with an impeccable white fur, with a temperament that you find very rare in a Bichon. And the other one is a Havanese Maltese. With not so an impeccable white fur, with 3 spots of white brown. 2 beautiful dogs that waited and found each other and became the best friends in the process. They don’t gossip and don’t stay angry, they resolve their conflicts directly, like in life, no? in a dog life of course.

The full story about the decision to take 2 dogs, coming soon, because it will be very well argued.

Hai să fim sociali :)