How did I choose to do my blog? or short, a personal diary, which if I think no longer isn’t a journal as it seems.Why I say this because a journal it’s a secret. A blog isn’t a secret, once I choose to make it public and is about me, of course.

And yet I want to call him a public diary, and I want to share with you, for all of you that “All you read is love” and not only. I want to make a lot of friends and to have fun at the same time.

And because all this means passion for beautiful writing, “sharings” with everyone about everything. Thematic discussion, tips, or better no tips just do what you feel. I know they’re just sure we will have something for all of us. I promise not to upset you, who do you don’t find yourself in this blog. I hope you will send me your real thoughts and sincere opinions.

Those who have got up here, I think you would like to know who writes these freaks. I’m Ioana Dubău and I’m looking for beautiful people. I am passionate about beautiful writing and I want to find every day the best version of me.

I can say about me that I am still young, positive and I’m breathing the air of Cluj Napoca, Romania. I became passionate about writing but never had the courage to write something public. So this year I made the decision to start my own blog and I’m so happy with this. I recommend you to make what you feel because only like that you can be the best version of yourself.

Let’s discuss together wanted and unwanted things, maybe we will meet somewhere in the middle of the Earth and drink a coffee!

Hai să fim sociali :)