The year 2019 starts like this, a handful of people with a very positive attitude and vibes get together. Well, this is how the year started for me, together with people whom I love and admire, we managed to create the perfect night with a hell of a vibe in the air.

The time spent together made me wanna express my wishes and my experience because the experiences with the people who inspire us and gives us force sometimes need to be pointed.

So, I will write here a short list of my wishes for 2019, maybe it will inspire some of you and light a spark.

1.I wish this year to spend more time with positive people and to spend quality time together.

2. I will call a friend at least once a week or I will organize a party or why not spend some time with my dogs, because they charge me with positive energy anytime.

3. I want that at least once a month to go to the theater, movie, or concert, I wanna enjoy more of the things that happen around me.

4. I want to have a better sleeping schedule, get in the bed before 23 a’clock, so that I can be more focused in the next day.

5. I wish to workout more, to have a schedule that is like a bible for me. I say this because I have some small problems with my back and workout is a must for me. I’m sure that we all need to workout in our life, even thought we don’t have a health issue and we just want to increase our happiness hormone.

6. I want to start swimming lessons, first off all to overcome my fear of water and to sustain my back muscles, and why not to have my relaxation moments. It doesn’t matter what you choose in life, but choose the things that make you happy.

7. I wish to learn something new everyday and this happens with contact with people, with new experiences, I wish to live more life experiences.

8. I want to understand people better, to be more attentive to what I convey, and what can I take from my meeting with one pers

9. I want to give me permission to do mistakes, be more patient with me sometimes, and to do things much simpler when it’s not the case to do them complicated.

10. I want to spend more time with me, to get to know me better, to listen and to discover me, let me give me what I deserve.

11. I propose to travel more this year, to build more memories that count.

12. To be more organized in achieving my goals, I will better define my plans and prioritize them correctly.

13. Not to take life so seriously and to give me permission to live the present moment, to feel only what matters.

14. To ignore my fears was one of the lessons learned from the beginning of 2019, I want to ignore my fears, not to give them attention, that would help me to exceed them.

15. I want to relax more, laugh more, to read more, to play more and to do things that detach me from my daily routine.

I recommend you to write you such a list, I wish that each of you find the inspiration you need to start the year with a positive attitude.

I wish you to be happy in the new year and to arrive where you dream every day, to find the source of your confidence and the right inspiration!

Hai să fim sociali :)